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At Company Wise, our goal is to equip businesses of all sizes with modern intelligent software, enhancing efficiency and guiding them towards a future of strategic advantage.


Company Wise - A leader in business information!

In businesses, the million-dollar question is always: "Do I have the whole picture?" We deploy teams and invest countless hours; information gathering becomes a relentless pursuit. Despite the effort, the quality and accessibility of data remain frustratingly limited. Until today...

What's next for BI?

The BI Revolution is here! User-friendly tools, AI-powered insights, and compelling data narratives make everyone a data expert. Clouds and integrations provide a complete picture, while responsible AI ensures ethical decision-making. Company Wise takes this vision a step further, offering a suite of innovative tools and embedded machine learning. This is the future. This is Company Wise, where intelligent business decisions are made simple.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Big Data


We tap into billions of authentic data lines. Official sources, global providers, and companies directly contribute and make it to our directory list.


For real-time decision-making, we keep your data constantly updated, ensuring accuracy, integrity, and reliability.


To guarantee data accuracy, each element undergoes a meticulous cross-check against established information within global networks. This eliminates inconsistencies and ensures you receive the most reliable and updated data.

Smart Technology

Company Wise does data differently. Turning data into knowledge is our core principle. Machine learning, predictive modeling, and smart data mining power our ability to identify connections and unlock hidden insights.

7 Million


16 Million


120 Million+

Predictive analytics

Don't Just Do Business, Do Business Wisely. Choose Company Wise.

For years, Company Wise has championed data as a bridge between colleagues, customers, and partners. Our innovative tools empower businesses to truly understand their customers through connected, real-time data. With a single, unified platform, we transform how businesses leverage data – empowering deeper understanding and strategic action across all industries.

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Company Wise is the new age business intelligence platform.

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